Online slot machines and payout percentage

Modern online slots machines just amaze by their diversity, because to date their names are more than a hundred. They differ from each other by design, graphics quality, game conditions, functions, the number of bonuses offered or the size of the jackpot. However, regardless of their type, all slot machines have one thing in common - the ability to win a lot of money with minimal bets.

The basic rules of the game

Rules of the game in online slots are simple and do not require special training, knowledge and skills from the player. All you need to do is to determine the bet size, select the number of active lines, if such a function is available, and press the Spin button.

This launch mechanism works for all modern online slot machines. Differences in the names and versions of slots are in the size of bets, the order of distribution of winning combinations, as well as the rules of their calculation.

Additional bonuses

Most online machines have in their arsenal of so-called bonus symbols. As a rule, they do not have a payout ratio, but only trigger the bonus game.

Bonus games - the player is invited to play a mini game with different prizes and tasks, which correspond to the main plot of the slot game. It all depends on the type of machine, it can be an extra free spin, a wheel of fortune or a game in the style of "Pick a box". In short, bonus games are another great way to increase the amount of winnings, as well as increase interest in the game.

Accumulative bonus - the user's game account can be increased, provided that he has accumulated a certain amount of money.


Jackpots can be paid out as a strictly fixed amount (fixed jackpot), or they can increase after each bet (progressive jackpot). Therefore, it is not surprising that progressive slots are more popular than their regular counterparts. They are more profitable and promise the player fabulous winnings. And progressive jackpots sometimes reach an incredible size.

Odds of winning or payout percentage in online slot machines
The payout percentage is part of all bets made in online slot machines, which the user receives in the form of winnings. There is a general rule that the player should give preference to games with a high mathematical expectation.

This means that you should choose only games that imply a minimum advantage of the casino over the player. However, in practice to follow such a seemingly unpretentious advice is not easy.