Founder of MultiFlora Pte Ltd – Abby Lau: “Women can change the world”

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Beauty and healthcare was always a luxury service that the upper class could afford. As the industry grew, along with the proliferation of the middle class, the demand for such services significantly increased. In a nation of opportunity such as Singapore, strong competition sprang up speedily to meet those demands. Amidst such intense competition, one company stood the test of time – MultiFlora Pte Ltd. With CEO and founder Abby Lau, the company navigated strong currents of the nation’s economic changes and ever growing competition to remain as one of Singapore’s top beauty brands.



A Proud and Exciting Journey

Established in the year 2002, MultiFlora began its journey with a wide-eyed, eager and ferociously determined young lady. Abby faced many challenges early on but overcame them with a strong vision to bring beauty and healthcare services to the masses.

“I always felt that a brand would be able to stand out simply based on the quality products and services provided to its customers. We have attracted a considerable pool of loyal customers who have not only enjoyed our services all these years, but also actively introduced their family and friends to us. We take great pride in providing professional yet personalized services such as our Meridian Tissue Manipulation Therapy Massage that alleviates symptoms associated with chronic muscle aches and lower back pain typically caused by hormonal changes in women.”



Women are the Masters of our own Destiny

A strong belief that Abby always held onto was that women are as much in control of their destiny as men. She believed that women have much value to offer the industry therefore opening up many opportunities for them to join the company. Above and beyond duties as mothers, wives and daughters, Abby chooses to empower women in the workplace as well.



“Women nowadays are not only able of being responsible for raising children but are also more than capable of contributing meaningfully to the society and in turn receive financial dividends. We are truly strong and capable,” said Abby.



In March 2018, Abby Lau was nominated as one of the Top 50 Female Pacific Asia Leaders by the Women Leaders International Networking – WLIN. Such an achievement only propels her further onto an international stage that allows her to continue living her dream of empowering women all around the world.


Written by Họa Mi

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