Director of Medident Resources expects for exchanging with other great female chiefs at talk show “Women Leaders Towards The New Era of Globalization”

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As an honored guest, Ms. Rowena Naidu – Director of Medident Resources from Malaysia expressed her pleasure and excitement to be invited in the annual event “The International Women Leaders Forum 2017” organized by The International Women Leaders Network (WLIN), Vietnam and Pro Image Academy.

Graduating from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Rowena Naidu started up successful when co-founding Medident Resources, a professional Dental supplier in equipment’s, accessories & spare parts for all over Malaysia from the Northern Region, Costal Region, Central Region, Southern Region and including Labuan, Sabah and Sarawak.

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Nevertheless, she tried and succeeded at other playgrounds rather than stopped her career at Medident Resources as a co-founder and an administrator. In 2016, she won Mrs Globe Malaysia Good Will Ambassador organized by Three Gorgeous Network, Premier Ambassador in Malaysia Premier Mama Pageant by Premier Marketing and was nominated as an Asia Top Business Award in Singapore. In the previous years, she got champion in Malaysia National Costume Pageant organized by KC Management in 2015 and Citi Model Award from Citibank in 2008.

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She said that being a part of The International Women Leaders Forum 2017 as the representative of The International Women Leaders Network, Malaysia is a tremendous honor in her. It is an occasion for the community of female leaders in the world to connect, exchange, learn from each other as well as develop and affirm the position of women leaders in the modern times together. Personally, she will join the event as get an opportunity to get to know other talented women leaders from different countries and promote the image of Malaysian women leaders.

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Especially, through the topic “Women Leaders Towards The New Era of Globalization – Challenges and Obstacles”, she also wants to share and exchange a lot about the challenges and opportunities created by the current global economy, resulting in the proper perspectives which lead business go forward and reach new success.

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