“Humanitarian leader” model from the perspective of the Women Leader International Networking – WLIN Global

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“Queen of All Media” Oprah Winfrey – who has become a source of inspiration with many precious lessons for million people in the world, has a very famous and remarkable quote: “Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow”.

Indeed, in the Women Leader International Networking – WLIN Global, members of the Leader Team will use their talents and knowledge to “serve” for the club’s members in form of humanitarian leader model. So, what is the meaning of “serving” in this situation? What does humanitarian leader model mean to WLIN and why should it be applied?

According to current WLIN regulations, members of the network are linked together and operate in the form of Clubs. Each club should not exceed 100 members. “Serving” as defined by the Women Leader International Networking means the President will be the best – serving person for the Vice – President and the Vice – President will be the best person to serve the members of clubs

The “humanitarian leader” model means that the President plays the role as the nucleus of the movement & the heart of the organization. The President of the Club must pay attention to 10 Vice – Presidents to motivate them to do their duties in the best way. And 10 Vice – Presidents will also become the nucleus 10 members that make the connection between Leader Team and members.


Structure of Leader Team Board for a club under the WLIn International Networking

A club that wishes to develop sustainably should adopt this model because if a club grows with a large number of members (more than 100 members), the Leader Team cannot take care of its members. The distance between the members and the Leader Team will be increased, thus, leading to a lack of cohesion. Therefore, in order to make this model operate effectively, each club needs only 01 President, 10 Vice presidents and 100 members.

Each Vice – President should be responsible for a line of business field and 10 members that are not on the same line. Thus, we will have a club with 100 members that do not coincide business field with each other. Each Club will have a weekly meeting with the member through the Business Lunch.


 A club’s model under WLIN Global, Vice – Presidents administer different business fields.


One of the most successful women leaders in this model is businesswoman Doan Thi Thanh Nga (Naomi Nga Doan) – Management Consultant of IBID Company, Partner of WLIN Queen & BSIN 3C, Partner & President of WLIN 3C. She joined and became a member of Leader Team of WLIN Queen as the Vice President from the very beginning and has received a lot of trust from her colleagues and club’s members by her efforts and practical actions for members and significant activities that Leader Team has created during the last time.


Ms. Doan Thi Thanh Nga – Management Consultant of IBID Company, Partner of WLIN Queen & BSIN 3C, Partner & President of WLIN 3C

The reliance of the members was a great motivation that helped her decide to become a WLIN Partner under Women Leader International Networking – WLIN Global, and created two clubs: BSIN 3C & WLIN 3C – where entrepreneurs will join hands to develop and build a strong WLIN & BSIN community

Ms. Doan Thi Thanh Nga shared: “Making new friends & working with great women leaders, energetic members are the motivation for me to attempt to practice day by day, build credibility and responsibility for my self and WLIN community. I am very delighted and proud of what I have been doing. Spending time with other women & being busy with work makes me feel happy and my life becomes more meaningful. I hope that all the members of WLIN Queen, WLIN & BSIN 3C will continue connecting together to be “More beautiful – More successful – Happier”


From the interesting and real story of Ms. Doan Thi Thanh Nga, a successful businesswoman in applying the humanitarian leader model, it is not difficult to explain the reason why the Women Leader International Networking can get achievements and enthusiastic participation from domestic and international businessmen with the increasing number of Clubs & Partners.


Partner system under Women Leader International Networking

Written by Họa Mi

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