Runner up of Mrs. World Nguyen Thu Huong – Who inspires women in modern life

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Referring to Mrs. Thu Huong, there are so many titles that we can think of: Miss Sport Vietnam 1995, then the Mrs. World 2011. Besides, she played a role in the film “Beautiful Secretary”, “Obsessive Green”. She was also graceful MC who led many VTV’s high-profile shows in 1997-2001, such as Music Gifts, Getting Rich, or 21st Century Women. A 20-years-experienced journalist who was the soul of success of The Best Shopping Choice Magazine, Business Style magazine, Lady Luxury, … And she is now a businesswoman who operates Nam Huong Corporation.

From the public side, she was an admirable woman. On a more closed level, she is in the women’s leadership community and the founding chairman of the Women Leaders International Network (WLIN) – with activities for the advancement of women. Mrs. Thu Huong is also a strategic consultant for many major brands such as Capitaland Vietnam, AIS, SNA, Doji, FLC (Miss Vietnam Heritage Global), Bao Xuan (Beauty shine), ACG, Ba Na Hills (Miss Sport), Top 100 Business Styles, The Power of Women, … and is currently being a PhD student with the thesis: “Strategy of building a personal brand for high-performance athletes of Vietnam”, which is highly applied in supporting national athletes.

Having an interview with Mrs. Thu Huong is not easy, because she is always like a shuttle traveling between many roles and locations. Mrs. Thu Huong gave us a short talk while being in the midst of her busy schedule as the organizer of the International Women Leader Forum 2018. The time is limited, but we still feel the endless energy and strong inspiration from this woman, through stories of passion, career aspirations and the road to building the Women Leader International Network.

Why you decided to engage in social community activities, while you are doing business with Nam Huong Corporation, specifically you’re the founder of the Women Leader International Network?

I was born in a family that has tradition of doing business. My mother is an independent woman and she is always a pioneer and does not mind any difficulties. At the same time, in the process of work, I realize the great contribution of women to the development of society, the stability of the family, the future of the next generation. However, sadly, the role of women in both Vietnam and around the world remains disregarded. As a representative of Vietnam, attending to the Global Women’s Summit in 2013 as a speaker, I was inspired to form the Women Leaders International Network (WLIN). The issue of women right has not been promoted, so they feel self – deprecating and that problem exist not only in a number of individual countries. I wonder why I do not create a bridge that links women together in a global network and connects with other international organizations so that women learn and grow in self-esteem. The idea of ​​creating a network for women is also discussed by many national leaders, so why don’t we do it, starting from our own country? From then on, I started preparing and launching the Women Leaders International Network in 2013.

After 5 years operating, up to now, how has WLIN Vietnam has developed so far?

WLIN Vietnam has so far been formulated, strictly based on the philosophy of taking the leaders as center, in the spirit of serving the community and society as a guideline to help members. In network cohesion, learn, share, and support each other. At present, the network has grown to nearly 20 clubs spread across the country. We aim to 2020 to develop 100 clubs with 10,000 members. WLIN has weekly meeting in which we hold variety of discussions and activities at the clubs, from informational to in-depth topics that help members learn independently. This is also the time for members to exchange their business connections.

From the success of WLIN Vietnam, so far, WLIN has developed around the world?

Particularly in Vietnam, from 2013 until now WLIN has adopted a very successful and successful development model. WLIN Vietnam is based on the philosophy of building the image of the female leaders and the cohesive principle, considering each other as customers, so that we have made great strides. Therefore, the WLIN model in Vietnam has been studied by friends all over the world. We have negotiated and signed many franchise agreements and development methods with some Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, an so on. Besides, we continue to negotiate, connect with Japan, Korea in order to reach the goal of bringing WLIN coverage throughout Asia in 2018.

It is known that you are an expert in personal branding. How have you applied your strategies, experience to build personal brand in the development of WLIN activities?

First, in terms of strategic thinking, WLIN Vietnam is understood as a network connecting business. As an experienced personal – image builder, personal branding consultant, I always share my research and experience with members in the network. In particular, WLIN attaches importance to preserving images for its members. Because we think that the members are like pearls. The chain of jewels is only valid when all the gems are shining. Therefore, all members are built a sense of keeping the personal brand as well as the brand of the business, thus providing the best products for customers. Best of all, it’s how WLIN Vietnam operation license has been bought by many countries to apply this system overseas. It is what makes me so proud as my efforts have been recognized.

How does WLIN apply digital technology to network management for maximizing efficiency?

In terms of applying 4.0 technology to WLIN management, in 2018, we will launch two applications, WService and WLIN Mobile App to connect all members around the world. They can share this application to provide services to their customers instead of creating individual membership cards. The W-Service application allows for account creation and redeem points, not just in Vietnam but anywhere in the Women Leader International Network as well as W-Service. This solution will help WLIN members to promote their business to be more effective with less cost of marketing.

It is known that you are in the stage of holding the Women Leaders International Forum 2018. How do you rate this year’s program spread?

The event this year is joint by a number of female leaders from around the world, including representatives from global WLIN members and ambassadors from the United States, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, etc. They are great women who contribute to spread the spirit of WLIN to the world. What makes me proud is the respect received from international friends about the development and dynamism of WLIN Vietnam

 Women Leader International Forum this year has launched a new award “The Best Brand of WLIN Choice.” What is the award criteria?

Members of the International Women’s Network are hard-core consumers. WLIN brand names must meet the criteria of Safety – Quality – No counterfeit goods, imitation. These are the factors that make the product brand stand on the market, create trust in the hearts of customers, and express the entrepreneurial spirit of dedicated, genuine business.

If one brand is voted by the council, it has been verified quality, thereby creating credibility with consumers. At the same time, I want members to receive prizes that will also preserve their brand in the long run.

WLIN always promotes social responsibility and contributes to the community. In the past, WLIN has had any social activities?

At present, we continue to co-operate with The National Fund For Vietnamese Children for the comprehensive development of children. WLIN also offers extracurricular scholarships from the Prince and Princess Academy and the Kids Talent Academy for disadvantaged for promising development. In addition, we are developing a program called “Fighting Against Violence and Sexual Abuse of Girls” to protect children from this alarming problem. Besides, we also help blind people by connecting Dr. Sangeeta from Singapore with the Himalayan Health Spa brand, offering vocational training programs, creating jobs for the blind through acupuncture massage activities.

A new point this year is that we will be launching a program guiding business women through the Women Leaders Start Up program on the 4.0 platform. The goal is to help young people who want to start a business with less capital by relying on technology with the help of WLIN members.

Thank you for taking the time to share with us today! Wish you to be more successful in your roles!

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