Digital economy: Opportunities or Challenges for Women Leaders in Vietnam and the world?

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That is also the question asked by the Runner-up Mrs. World Nguyen Thu Huong – President of Women Leaders International Forum 2018. Seeing the wave of “digital technology” is growing rapidly, Ms. Thu Huong has an inspirational sharing for women confidently overcome the challenge of “Industrial Revolution 4.0” and catch up the trend of the market when the successful application of digital technology .

The fourth industrial revolution with the explosive development of new generation technologies has opened up a new era of artificial intelligence. The world economy has entered a new phase – the era of digital economy, associated with the concept of “industrial 4.0”. According to a financial report, revenue of the e-commerce market in 2016 reached $ 1.9 trillion and is expected to increase to $ 4.060 billion by 2020. “Therefore, digital economy creates equal opportunity. for all businesses, in all areas, “- Mrs. Thu Huong considered.

This is not just the pressure, challenge or development opportunity for any business but above all a strategic problem for us to make the right decision, timely, instead of miss this chance and stand in the danger of lagging behind the nations of the world. How are Vietnamese Women Leaders as well as other countries approached to this industry in order to optimize production resources, develop business operations, save management costs, communication costs, to reach customers more effectively and easily? That is the question asked by Ms. Thu Huong in this Forum.

To prove the hypotheses about the development of women in connection with the digital economy, Ms. Thu Huong looked up the phrase “Women leaders and digital economy” there were about 5,440,000 results in 0.35 seconds. That suggests this concept, which was mention in many countries, including developed and developing countries such as Asia.

In response to the above question, Forum Organizers invited to the event business women and women leaders from different countries in different fields: Ms. Nguyen Gia Bao – General Director of BB Smart Décor, Ms. Shirley Eng – Director of Canai HE & ME Sdn Bhd, Ms. Emma Marcha Imperial – President & CEO of Imperial Homes Group of Companies, Ms. Amanda Aida Atan – Principal & Founder VIBES Mastery Success Academy; Ms. Elain Zhou – Founder CNEW International Pte Ltd; Ms. Le Nguyen Trung Nguyen – Director of United Kingdom Academy (UK Academy), Ms. Le Hoang Lan – President of Medilas Clinic,…

Ms. Thu Huong has pointed out the advantages and opportunities that digital economy brings to women: enable them to participate more equitably in the labor market, financial markets and business; allows women leaders to overcome the limits, geographical barriers, mobility and give us the flexibility to communicate through social networks. “Research has shown that the age of digitization will be an advantage to women workers, and especially women leaders who can start a business because of their access to new areas, improving and achieve higher income. In addition, woman’s social networking skills and their persistence and flexible are also good for them. The development of digital technology also gives women leaders a great opportunity to start a small business with low cost”. Ms. Thu Huong said.

Ms. Nguyen Gia Bao – General Director of BB Smart Decor

Ms. Shanice Kong – Representative of Canai HE & ME Sdn Bhd

Ms. Elain Zhou – Founder CNEW International Pte Ltd

Ms. Le Nguyen Trung Nguyen – Director of United Kingdom Academy (UK Academy), 

Ms. Le Hoang Lan – President of Medilas Clinic

However, Ms. Thu Huong also acknowledged the fact that there are also barriers to women’s access to the age of technology, because, according to a research, the proportion of women engaged in technology-led businesses is not high, only half of the women workers are active in the traditional field. “We have new opportunities from artificial intelligence, large databases, cloud computing, mobile robots to improve the participation of women in production and business. But how many percent of women leaders can take advantage of this to grow their business, which is a big question”.

Ms. Thu Huong also shared, Women Leaders International Network also started using digital technology for business development, management activities, and membership support via the WService application. In addition, this year, we launched a new application – WLIN Moblie Apps, to support global membership, enabling members to connect and support each other.

So it can be seen that technology is both an opportunity and a challenge, an opportunity for those who know how to grasp, learn, change to fit and utilize the power and strength of technology to move forward, and it is also a challenge for all those who cannot catch up, cannot integrate with the development of technology, we will be backward, even if we can is a very big business. So, in keeping with the changing trend of the world under the influence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, this year’s forum opened the talk on “Women Leaders and Digital Economy” to listen to the views of successful women leaders in the world and see how they have leveraged technology successfully in their businesses. Ms. Thu Huong hoped, through her sharing and the women leaders participating in the program to create motivation, live inspiration to break the psychological barrier for women confidently embrace the new trend of mankind.


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