Business Lunch Preview – The first activity of The Indonesian Woman Leading Change.

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On November 17th 2018, The Woman Leading Change   – Women’s empowerment organization invited  Businesswomen or business people at the forefront of leading changes in various fields of life, especially in the world of business or entrepreneurship to join in the Business Lunch Preview.



On this occasion, there were women entrepreneurs from various industrial sectors from a number of countries including representatives of international women’s empowerment organizations or associations such as the Women Leaders International Network (WLIN). Women entrepreneurs from various business backgrounds are intentionally presented to be able to build a business network internationally and open opportunities for market access globally including to be able to share knowledge and expertise.




“Women have the power to lead change. But that potential needs to be continuously explored and empowered, “said Founder of Women Leading Change Indonesia Dr. Ayla Dewi Anggraeni on the sidelines of the Bussines Lunch Preview at The Sandhi Phala Beach Resort & Ma Joly Restaurant, Kuta, Badung, Saturday (11/17/2018).


Business Lunch Preview

The woman leading change is Indonesian movement campaign to preview the opening of WLIN Club. It  is founded with the aim to encourage the empowerment of women to have financial independence and become agents of change leaders starting with their families. “We want to open the business horizons of our women entrepreneurs so that they dare to build networks internationally and can strengthen each other and empower fellow female entrepreneurs. The growth of a child is very much influenced by the role and condition of his mother. So when Indonesian women have the ability to lead their families and have financial independence, then they will play a big role in the success of their children” said by Ayla who is a successful entrepreneur in the real estate sector.


Ms. Ayla Dewj A.Aldjufrie – Founder of Ayla & Associate, Co – Founder of WLIN Indonesia

One of the Co-Founder of Indonesian Women Leading Change Ms.  Maris Stella  said that this women’s organization or club will routinely carry out various activities such as empowering SMEs, especially from women. They also carry the spirit of mutual help among women. “We created this club so that there is a strong routine meeting to help SMEs and other women move forward. The strong one becomes the shoulder of another women. We choose women because women are consistent agents of change, “said Ms.  Maris Stella  – Vice Chairwomen of the Global Property Bank and Technology Center.


Ms.  Maris Stella – Co – Founder of WLIN Indonesia, Vice Chairwomen of the Global Property Bank and Technology Center.

The owner of Azri Living Boutique & Jewerly Design – Ms. Azri Saputri  also shared that many Balinese women have the potential to become successful and financially independent entrepreneurs. Balinese women have independent businesses but are busy with home, child and traditional events. The problem is that most women in Bali in particular have not been able to build and know access to advance their business to the international level.


Ms. Azri Saputri – Founder of Azri living boutique & Jewelry design

For this reasons, Women Leading Change Indonesia invites more women entrepreneurs to join this organization and become agents of change and help to create fellow women.



For this noble mission, various programs of Indonesian Women Leading Change in the upcoming time will be supported by UDS multinational companies based in Dubai. “This is an initiative that we should support together,” said Dato ‘Sri Mir Khan, CEO of UDS Malaysia. It is also committed to helping UKM in Indonesia to develop business through the provision of mobile application-based software services to simplify the management of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). “We will help to build SME entrepreneurs in Indonesia, especially in Bali with CRM applications,” he concluded.



On this occasion, Ms. Abby Lau – Founder & Director of Multiflora, WLIN Singapore Partner attended in the event as a special guest who also supports for the development of WLIN Indonesia. “In Indonesia, there are many differences among women who are still left behind in the village. They lack financial support and don’t know how to live better. This gap must be minimized through the movement of Indonesian Women Leading Change ” Ms. Abby Lau concluded.


Ms. Abby Lau – Founder & Director of Multiflore, WLIN Singapore Partner

As concrete evidence of the presence of Indonesian Woman Leading Change on December 5th, an event is held to award 50 successful and inspiring businesswomen from various countries. The event which will be taken place at Le Meridien Jimbaran Bali Hotel is also assembled with WLIN Indonesia Opening and the Launch of Seven Women’s Club.


The event of  Indonesian Woman Leading Change on December 5th

The Business Lunch Preview has offically closed with a lot of emotion. It is the premise of the big event – Launching of WLIN Indonesia will occur on December 5th, 2018.

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