CEO of Mother Goose Viet Nam, Ms. Linda Huang – the brave & persistent businesswoman, who pushes herself beyond the comfort zone to pursue her dream

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By bringing in the U.S. based century-old “Mother Goose” brand to Viet Nam two years ago, businesswoman Linda Huang strives to build a new business empire in Vietnam while contributing to the society with involvements in the Women Leaders International Networking Cross Culture Club and other organisations.


                                         CEO of Mother Goose Viet Nam, Ms. Linda Huang


Born in Taiwan, grew up in Vancouver, Canada and graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree of B.Sc. (Computer Science), Linda Huang has chosen to enrich her business career by managing Mother Goose – a brand with over 100 years of history, and striving to make it boom in Việt Nam as well as in South East Asia.

Mother Goose is brand that originated from western culture with a beautiful childhood image that always embraces family. With such warm image and long history, the Mother Goose brand has been expanded from western countries to Asia. The core values of Mother Goose also correspond to the culture of Asians, especially Vietnamese people who always promote family affection, cherish happiness, and preserve warm feelings.


                      Mother Goose brand has been developed from European countries to Asia.


“My mission is to expand the Mother Goose brand in Viet Nam and Southeast Asian countries. It is my passion to bring in top quality products to families to promote healthier and happier lifestyle for everyone. We also plan to migrate our purchasing and production base to Vietnam as the country is amongst the strongest in manufacturing, import and export,” she said.

Ms. Linda Huang shared her secret to be successful: “I try to maintain a positive attitude, work hard, be persistent, and build good connections with people. I stay courageous, always try to improve myself, and I go for my very very best.”

“Dream it, believe it, build it” is her slogan for life.


     Ms. Linda Huang (fourth from left) is one of the Vice Presidents of the “WLIN Cross Culture Club”


Invited by Ms. Naomi Nga Doan to join WLIN in spring of 2018, she is one of the Vice Presidents of the “WLIN Cross Culture Club”.

“WLIN is a great platform for connecting with other female entrepreneurs and business leaders who are experienced and successful in their own fields. It is a platform where female leaders are passionate about growing together, becoming better, building personal branding, sharing knowledge, resources and happy moments, as well as creating business opportunities with others,” she said.

“WLIN helps women grow, become better and happier. It also recognises women for their hard work and achievements. I hope to attend more WLIN events, especially related to business matching to explore business opportunities and build solid business connections with other women leaders.


                                      Ms. Linda Huang sponsored for WLIN’s Iron Chief contest 


“For both personally and Mother Goose company, we’re always been keen on giving back to the community. We try to organize charitable events, such as the “A Warm X’mas 2018” Program in conjunction with the WLIN BSIN Iron Chef, where we encouraged and made donations to orphanages and poor families to help bring them a warmer X’mas.”

Ms. Linda Huang was honoured with the Top 50 Women Leaders International Award 2019 in Ha Noi early April for her accomplishments and what she has contributed to the community./.


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