Master of Arts – Designer Si Hoang: From losing his health, he learnt how to take care of it

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From the 90s Master of Arts and Designer Si Hoang has done many activities and made contributions to the Vietnamese art industry. Prominently known not only through the collections of Ao Dai with professional value, Designer Si Hoang is also a dynamic entrepreneur, a social activist who is always devoted to the community.


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Starting with the position of a Lecturer at Ho Chi Minh City Architectural University, Si Hoang has shown himself over time to be an Art Designer, Stage Designer and besides, he is a very successful businessman with Si Hoang Ao Dai brand. As an entrepreneur, with a desire to connect the community, he became BSIN Lifestyle President, the most powerful club in the Business Men Network (BSIN) with the goal of connecting the International Entrepreneur community and build a better image of a male entrepreneur in the eyes of a global entrepreneurial community, as well as creating engagement among business people.

Nutrition in the Field of Cancer Prevention is an event organized by BSIN and iCareBase Global cancer prevention fund to help people understand more about the role of nutrition towards a healthy life.


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With the principle of “Live not leave a name, but live a value”, and as the President of BSIN Lifestyle, Mr. Si Hoang is very happy to attend the program, and share his own life experience about the importance of health.

“One morning two years ago, when I stepped into bed, I fell to my knees and had to go to the emergency room at the hospital. The doctors diagnosed me with an obstruction of the leg veins and pulled out blood clots from my legs. I saw firsthand the pea-sized blood clots pulled from my feet. During the following three months, I had to move by wheelchair. Also because of the pain, I personally understood the importance of taking care of my health” – Sy Hoang shared.



Being passionate about work, before, many times he neglected to care about his own health, but when illness came, he understood the old saying “health is what we only feel precious when it is lost”. However, he soon realized his mistake, so now, he understands that his health and his family is the foundation to enjoy a happy and complete life.

“Now I always take the initiative in conducting periodic health checks to always be ready to have effective health protection plans.”

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