Mrs Maris Stella Co-Founder of Global Property, Bank and Technology Centre: “Be your Best, Give your Best, Bring the best out of others!”

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Maris Stella, a partner of WLIN Indonesia, an international author, Vice President for Indonesia delegation to the World Championship of Performing Arts which has brought back 60 awards, a mentor and believer of education and its importance to society.


                    Mrs Maris Stella Co-Founder of Global Property, Bank and Technology Centre


WLIN Global Forum celebrated the efforts of Mrs. Maris Stella as an outstanding partner, focusing mostly on her transformational role in community improvement. As an awardee of the Top 50 International Award for women in business and leadership. It is her desire to impart the world on necessities of Education- as she puts it “Education is a lifelong process, whether it if formal or not, it should be used for building character, as well as acquiring knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.”

At Global Property, Bank and Technology Center, we gather practitioners and experts to give back by sharing, training young professionals and women about property, finance and use of technology to enhance their professionalism and businesses. It is goes without saying that she is a promoter of financial intelligence especially to youth and mostly women who stand as breadwinners in their families in the modern world. Simply, “Spend less, invest more. Invest in in yourself, in your education and property.”


                 Mrs Maris Stella, an awardee of the Top 50 Women Leaders International Award 


Easier said than done but Mrs. Stella Maris hails from a country with 267 million people – 3rd most populated country globally- an archipelago of 17,504 islands where more than 300 ethnic groups speaking 799 languages habituate. Reality puts it that you will have many competitors in this market, but with a mentor like her, a student of life, one can make one or two things work for themselves. To illuminate the path for others she has also cofounded the Role Model Project, which is designed to develop young talented youth to be role models and become the best version of themselves.

The glimmer of life is too serene not to always smile and advocate for peace. When asked about her award in Vietnam she reaffirmed the world that her happiness has been a long goal to bring the best out of herself, she nurtured everything in her life very carefully, including her family and children. She was proud to be awarded as Top 10 out of the 50 awarded for her web-like activities in Indonesia.



                           Mrs Maris Stella: I love to meet great wonderful women in the world.


It goes without saying that being the company of such strong women with the same yet different discourse was a fortune, she was excited to share, “I love to meet great wonderful women in the world, to whom I get to be inspired and to build friendships with. I look forward to cooperate and collaborate with most of them. Together we will bring more impact to ourselves, our lives, our families, our nations and create a better world.

An author always get their inspiration from such limited yet diverse human experiences, when we asked her next project will be? She responded, “I am compiling a great memoir of wonderful women in Indonesia and I am inviting inspiring women in the world who have led and changed the world to take part in our book called -World Women Leading Change-book series. I believe everyone has a book and story inside them, worth writing and telling about to the world.”



In future, WLIN Global will be the cup bearer of international business and community advancement and I am proud to me a catchment partner and a witness to the events and the success of beautiful women from all corners and sectors of the world. The abundance of life start from within ourselves and Mrs. Maris Stella promises that she will continue to spread her love and knowledge to many./.





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