Ms. Abby Lau – Founder of Multiflora TCM Spa (Singapore) “To start a business successfully, you need to have a proper guidance”

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Ms. Abby Lau from Singapore is the first mentor of the Women Startup Project in holistic health industry.

Growing up under the influence of Western technologies while still surrounded by traditional Eastern knowledge, Abby is always an advocate of approaching wellness in a holistic manner. She strongly believes that a healthy living habit reflects one’s appearance, however, living in a bustling city, it is inevitable that stress often stems from multiple sources which take a toll on our overall health.

Abby has always been passionate about holistic health and has come a long way with the vision to create the best health and wellness along with beauty solutions to all walks of life. While “fast” solutions can treat specific issues, it takes time to build up one’s wellbeing. With this, she decided to combine both western and eastern methodologies and this curation is an organic, multi-beneficial system that provides holistic wellness for every client.


Ms. Abby Lau – Founder of Multiflora TLM Spa (Singapore), WLIN Partner in Singapore, Mentor of Women Startup Project

Multiflora TLM Spa is known as the prestigious beauty care address of thousands of customers during the past time. Spa is appreciated by safe, natural beauty methods with the latest and best technology in the world of cosmetology. Since its establishment, with the desire to bring the best beauty care services, the most relaxing place for women, Multiflora TLM Spa is always the first choice of beauty lovers in Singapore.



With over 20 years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry, Abby explored multiple ventures looking for what would eventually become her calling – to launch Multiflora TCM Spa since 2002.

Like any other businesses, there are definitely challenges faced and namely, legislation issue with other parties such as buying over businesses. Abby could not emphasize enough on doing extensive research and hire a lawyer to ensure a smooth business process.  As markets and technologies shift, so do rules and regulations. Regardless of your industry, it can make much more sense to bring in a consultant to help with these areas rather than trying to understand the complexities yourself.


Multiflora TLM Spa – Reputable beauty address in Singapore

There’s a saying that goes “Fall down seven, stand up eight”. To have a successful business, always stay resilient even when you’re at your downfall. You’ll eventually reap what you sow. Running a successful business is also a spiritual journey. Along the road, you will be tested, stretched and stressed. Find a motivation to pray and build a relationship with your faith and the Almighty would determine His will for us.

The best way to combat competition is by focusing on all of the things that your company provides and others do not which is your unique selling point. Handling competition is easy when you review your competition regularly and face the challenge as a learning experience. You might discover strengths that you never knew you or your company had. Think positively, competition is healthy as it encourages creativity and innovation.


Multiflora TLM Spa gathers experienced technicians

Abby along with her brand had achieved various awards across Asia such as The 5th Golden Brand Award 2018 for Beauty & Wellness, Outstanding Leadership Award – World Women Leading Change, and, Top 50 Asia-Pacific Women Leaders Award 2018.


Ms. Abby Lau is a close friend of Runner – up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong – President of WLIN Global because both of them have many similarities in business perspective

Abby is honoured to be appointed as the first mentor of the Women Startup Project by Runner-up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong – President of Women Leaders International Networking. Women Startup Project is a community which welcomes everyone who is interested to start a business.  This project aims to help women around the world start their business, gain independence in finance aspect, solve and reduce unemployment problems. Gain insights and beneficial guidance from mentors of different industry as this community is all about sharing tips and experiences, enabling you to apply it to your journey as an entrepreneur.



“Women Startup is a useful community for women who are still wondering and lacking directions on their career path. I think that if you want to have a successful start-up, anyone needs a guide.” shares Ms. Abby Lau to the reporters when she officially takes the role of Project Mentor.



Ms. Abby Lau is genuine and keen in sharing her knowledge acquired throughout the years and hope that she would be able to motivate and bring out the confidence in those who are taking the leap of faith into building a career path.


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