Esti Puji Lestari – President of Persijap Jepara football club – Woman General of Indonesia Football

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As a president of a football club which is a male-dominated field, Mrs. Esti has demonstrated the role of women in a tough and changeable sport environment. Before meeting Mrs. Esti at the Women Leaders International Forum & Top 50 Asia – Pacific Women Leaders Awards 2018, let’s get to know her in this article.

Could you please introduce a little bit about yourself? (Name, job title and current position)

Hi, my name is Esti, I am a president of Professional football club in Indonesia called Persijap Jepara, we are competing in Indonesia, I have women football team and the first in my country for a football club to have women division.

Could you please share with us about your present business field? How was your entrepreneurial path? 

I have been doing businesses for years. But 2 years ago, I bought Persijap Jepara football club that it has touched my heart due to its huge social impacts. It can build a better community for women. I’m always eager to be a social activist.

What is your business philosophy? What are the advantages/strengths of your company in the market?

My business philosophy is to manage with conscience and profit is not always a top priority. Through our business activities, we hope that we can change and build a better society for the Indonesian, especially football community and strive for the complete development from the strong foundation.

Could you please share some difficulties that you have to face with in business, and how did you overcome them?

As a president of a football club which is a male-dominated field, at the beginning I’m struggling with recognition, football club is a public business where everything you do is always scrutinized by the fans and mostly I am judged because I am a woman. Also, football is not an easy business environment. I always have to fix the problems within my organizations and businesses.

Could you name some achievements that both individual and the company have gained in your business? Your contribution to the community and society?

I was awarded a position as national team manager for U15 Indonesian female players, my club has been established since 1954 and has been accomplishing so much titles in championship.

Your plans, intention for the development of your company in the future?

We want to be the first at being profitable, healthy club financially and we want to be the first to have our own stadium, and have teams of men and women from young ages to professionals, with better financial and strong partnership we will be able to achieve that.

What are your perspectives about the role of Women Leaders in modern times?

I think women leaders help more community to achieve their common goals, as women are a multi-tasker, understanding and we don’t need to compete with men as we are equal, we need each other’s role in this global force to endorse more opportunity for women, men and children.

Which business areas/fields do you prefer to connect with in Vietnam market?

Position of president of a team, what I think first is sports, more importantly is football. I know Vietnam is a country with a football background developed with many talented players. In the future, I want to cooperate with Vietnam business about football clubs, sports related.

What’s your opinion about the topic: ” Women Leaders and Digital Economy” of Women Leaders International Forum & Top 50 Asia – Pacific Women Leaders Awards 2018? What’s your expectation of this year event?

I think this is a very good and realistic topic. Technology is very developed and it is also relevant to the development of women in modern society. Women need technology equipment, need the Internet to promote leadership role most significantly. So digital economy is very important for female leaders like us.

I’m looking forward to attend and I expect to meet and be inspired by another women leader across the globe.

Thank you, wish you and Persijap Jepara football club continued success in the future!

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