Vice President of Ho Chi Minh City WLIN Phan Thi Thu Thuy: Connecting and sharing is an important factor that makes WLIN successful!

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Always keep smiling with endless energy for work, which is the special point of Mrs. Phan Thi Thu Thuy – CEO of ADPHAR CO.

When asked about the secret to success, she shared: “The secret to my success is not only to take advantage of the opportunities I have, but also to create opportunities for myself.”



Joining the International Women’s Leadership Network (WLIN Global) since 2015 as president of the Peak of Life Club, she shared that it is also a great opportunity to connect modern and successful women not only in the country but also around the world.

With her contribution, Ms. Phan Thi Thu Thuy has been trusted to become the Vice President of Ho Chi Minh city WLIN.

On this occasion had a meeting with her.

1 / You have been with WLIN for a long time, and as the new Vice President of Ho Chi Minh city WLIN, please give your opinion on WLIN’s activities as well as what you will do in your new role to WLIN developing more?

Thanks for your interesting question. WLIN is an organization dedicated to female leaders, in which female leaders are not only talented, beautiful but also noble to the community.

WLIN is a place for female leaders to connect, share valuable knowledge about work or attractive cooperation opportunities to help develop businesses better.

This is the place where female leaders can get rid of the stress and tiredness of work and together have relaxing and fun moments through business lunches and get the spirit of working better.

WLIN is the common home of female leaders, the place where women together become more beautiful, more successful, happier!


                      Ms. Phan Thi Thu Thuy (third right) in WLIN activities


I am very happy and proud to assume the role of Vice President of Ho Chi Minh city WLIN. With WLIN, the connection and sharing are an important factor in the success of the Club. Therefore, in addition to developing more members, connecting more female leaders to each other. I also have plans to share more useful knowledge about business management, life, and health protection, make beauty and cooperation opportunities.


                                       Ms. Thuy in charitable activities.


In addition, I also join the charity programs to help and contribute to the society such as: medical examination and treatment, giving gifts to remote areas people, building compassion houses, building bridges and libraries, … so that the leaders will not only be charming, beautiful outside but also beautiful from the depths of their hearts by helping people difficulties.



2 / During your time with WLIN, what results have you obtained for yourself?

Four years of traveling with WLIN is a time when I see a lot of changes and improvements. I began to gain more empathy from leadership. I learned from the beautiful women leaders and gradually adapted, loved and wanted to stick with WLIN for a long time.

WLIN also helps me be more confident and have valuable knowledge about style, fashion and beauty. Everyone in WLIN is like a sister in a family. Starting from  a stranger and becoming more familiar with you and always accompanies each other in many activities, not only in the club but also in life.



I love the culture of WLIN, which is: “More beautiful, More successful and Happier”. I instilled in this culture and shared it with all new members of WLIN.


                   Ms. Phan Thi Thu Thuy received the award for her contributions

I remember in 2015, when I first attended the events organized by Nam Huong Media, I was overwhelmed by a series of beautiful people taking pictures to check in. But they are not in Showbiz but all business people like me. Especially the “beautiful female secretary” Nguyen Thu Huong, which I later found out was the Vietnamese WLIN President at the time, now WLIN Global. An energetic woman, always passionate and positive inspiration to women in the network as well as in society.

And besides, it is impossible not to mention Ms. Nguyen Hoa Tam, Ambassador of Wlin Global. She is a sincere woman who cares and helps women when people are in trouble. She has as pure and holy, she shares her  beauty, creating a high spirit of solidarity for our sisters. This time, as the Vice President of Ho Chi Minh city WLIN, I am very happy to accompany and work with the new president: journalist, lawyer – Mrs. Bui Thi Bach Hai, Mrs. Hoa Tam, and Mrs. Nguyen Thu Nga – General Director of Savico Group, who also plays a new role: Vice President. I have a belief that with the four of us sharing our love that will create an WLIN become more widely developed and closely linked.

3 / What kind of your business and how do WLIN support for your business development?

Currently my company is Anh Dung Pharmaceutical Trading Co., Ltd. (ADPHAR CO., LTD) has launched the market to support beauty care and beauty products for women. The WLIN sisters really love, trust and support ORLITAX products of my company. This is a product that helps bring a slim, more confident shape to women. In addition to weight loss products, I also have special care products for women: DD VSPN Crysan Silk and other products. I am very happy to be supported by WLIN and warmly welcome the products of ADPHAR CO., LTD.


                                                 Orlitax product of ADPHAR CO., Ltd

4 /These are very useful products. Would you please share the basic knowledge in this field?

Side effects and safety issues are major concerns in the overweight & obesity control drug market. Although the number of people using anti-overweight & obesity drugs is increasing every day, but some studies have shown adverse side effects when using these drugs for a long time. Similar studies have also shown that diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, asthma, cancer, depression and stroke are linked to anti-overweight & obesity drugs. These conflicting findings have confused both health professionals and patients about the benefits of these drug. And they have become quite wary of potential side effects. This problem can easily affect the growth of the global overweight & obesity drug market.

Orlistat is currently leading the global market with more than 50 million people already using, and estimated market turnover of more than US $200 million in 2017. That is the mechanism of intestinal action, this drug does not affect the central nervous system, therefore, this creates a peace of mind for users. In addition, this ingredient has been granted the first long-term treatment license by the US Drug Administration to control overweight & obesity problems. This is one of the main reasons that this ingredient is Health professionals and users choose.

In the Vietnamese market, the drug which contain this ingredient, is marketed as ORLITAX (Orlistat 120mg). ORLITAX is marketed and distributed by ANH DUNG / ADPHAR CO., LTD.

For further questions, please contact for advice:

Hotline: 0938 28 46 28

Website: –

5 / Can you tell me about the social and community activities that you and your company have participated in?

Talking about social activities, I participate in a lot. And it is hard to say all. I think all of these  things I make by my all heart. So that I have quietly done this for a long time and in the capacity allowed. I would like not to list in detail what I and the company have done here.

6 / Please share some of your famous quotes to orient your life.

Talking about the famous quotes, I personally like collecting to create motivation for myself and our company staff and sisters in WLIN. I would like to share the following two famous proverbs:

“Future has many names: For the weak, it means the unattainable. For the fearful, it means the unknown. For the courageous, it means opportunity” – Victor Hugo

“Study is a bronze medal, the capacity is the silver medal, predestination and the human social relations are the gold medal, and the thinking is the highest goals than all above medals ” – quoted from Law of Attraction “THINKING TO CREATE ENERGY”

7 / As a talented leader, you are also very talent in the field of art. Please update the projects and art programs that you have participated in recently.

I’m very passionate about Art. Since winning the Mrs Congeniality from Beauty Queen 2015 Contest, I’ve had a lot of artistic activities. That is my passion and dream since I was a child. I also consider to join the program to be suitable for my personality as well as the prestige of the program. I would like to mention a few programs and contests that I have participated in such as:

  • –   Jury of the “Mrs Ao Dai Vietnam World Contest” in Europe, will be celebrated Leipzig city, Germany. The contest is for Vietnamese women community who is living and working in European countries.
  • –   The jury of the “Miss Office Beauty Contest ” organized by Young Media
  • –   The jury of the “Entrepreneur Cook Contest” organized by Young Media
  • –   The Contestant of “Iron Chef Contest” organized by Nam Huong Media.
  • –    Ambassador of XF Pure Car, Jaguar Vietnam Car Brand


Besides, I was honored by Young Media to invite me as Ambassador for the project “Sex education: never too late”. Because of joining meaningful activities, I can contribute to spreading to the community to help children understand more about sex education, especially girls to avoid injury.

In the near future, Anh Dung Company – ADPHAR CO., LTD will officially import more products to serve our women, looking forward to you continue to receive and believe, support me.

Finally, I would like to thank the editor who asked me very interesting questions, give me opportunity to share with WLIN.

Thank you for the interesting sharing. Wish you “More beautiful – More successful – Happier”!


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