Runner up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong has successfully assumed the role of International Speaker at the Women’s Forum Asia 2019

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Appearing at Women’s Forum Asia 2019 held on September 18th – 20th in Singapore, Runner-up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong (Mrs. Helen Nguyen – The name that international friends gave her when she joined in Mrs World 2011) expressed her views and solutions for women in pioneering and leading in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


Runner-up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong and  WLIN members are graceful in traditional dress – Ao dai

Women’s Forum Asia 2019 is considered one of the most representative events for women in Asia. The event gathered more than 1500 delegates from 70 countries around the world, 100 speakers were influential economists and community activists in the world with more than 40 sessions. Many hot topics were discussed enthusiastically through different perspectives, practical experiences from famous speakers such as Ms. Indra Nooyi – Former CEO of PepsiCo – 2nd largest food enterprise on world; Mr. Jean-Pascal Tricoire – CEO and Chairman of Schneider Electric, Ms. Anita Dongre – CEO of House of Anita Dongre, Ms. Simonetta Di Pippo – Director of UN OOSA; Ms. Nguyen Thu Huong – President of Women Leaders International Networking – WLIN Global; Mr. Muhammad Yunus – Founder of Grameen Bank, Top 10 The most influential economist of all time; Mr. Bruno Le Maire – Minister of Economy and Finance of France; Mr. Angel Gurria – General Secretary of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) … especially the appearance of President of the Republic of Singapore – Ms. Halimah Yacob.




The event is also an opportunity to meet and connect with many business leaders from 70 countries around the world

As a community activist who founded the Women Leaders International Networking – WLIN Global, a media strategy consultant and an entrepreneur who start-up in the field of technology with Mobile app Wservice and Women Startup 4.0 Project, Runner up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong was chosen into the topic: “Building an inclusive future: Be the change-makers” for women in the context of STEM” along with three other speakers including Ms. Natali Cano – Head of Brand & Reputation APAC, Google; Ms. Vaishali Rastogi – Senior Partner, Head of BCG SE Asia, The Boston Consulting Group, Ms. Maria Faury – Director of International & Big Infrastructures of Research, Alternative Energies & Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and the guidance of Mrs. Cheryl Liew Chng – CEO of The 24 Hour Women.






Having shared about this topic, Ms. Nguyen Thu Huong said: “The reason why STEM field in women is not developing because of the fact that the communication for women in this field is too weak. They are not interested in building symbols of women in the STEM field. They think STEM is unprofitable, lack of attractiveness and charming that are the instinct of women. The image of women scientists is often accompanied by dryness and boring life.


Ms. Thu Hương was warmly welcomed by all guests

Therefore, it is necessary to build the image and personal brand for women working in the field of STEM to promote more and more women who are willing to commit and pioneer to change. The reality proves that the field many women participating will develop very well because women hold a lot of power in making life decisions. I myself have invested in technology for over 2 years, initially, I thought that I was not good at this field so I only invested financially for partners to do and then male partners to make products. They created products with full of technology but lacking the actual experience of the user, especially the way women use is completely different from men who like the technology. Shopping must be a woman, so I spent my time researching, exploring, experiencing, structuring products and identifying extremely interesting technology. If we know how to use the technology platform for every field, it will help us grow exponentially”.


Runner-up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong shared her views from the perspective of a media consultant 

Besides, when asked about ways to attract women to pursue STEM field, Ms. Thu Huong said: “Women have always forced themselves with limitations, during 20 years of working as media consultant and 7 years of developing Women Leaders International Networking, I have met many excellent women and they are the same in a few characteristics such as: Understand clearly their strengths and weaknesses; Know very well what they want and where is their destination; Learn more and strive consecutively; Be confident and dare to overcome obstacles to achieve success; Don’t set limitations for themselves; know to set new peaks and be extremely proactive. Women in every field want to succeed need to have 5 elements above.
In order to help more women to access to scientific and technical advances, we need to change the current media orientation. We have too few television shows or movie productions, articles that praising successful women in the STEM field. Besides, there should be more successful pioneers in the field of STEM to share information with the women’s community to increase confidence among women in these fields.


The discussion took place very exciting

It can be said that Ms. Thu Huong’s view is extremely in line with the current trend so she has been fully supported by more than 1500 delegates in the hall. Previously, in March 2019, she also had an excellent performance when attending the Influential Vietnamese Forum in France and the launching ceremony of WLIN in Nairobi, Kenya – Africa.


Ms. Thu Huong and other speakers

Along with Runner up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong, in the framework of the seminar with the topic “Building an inclusive future: Be the change-makers” for women in the context of STEM”, the speakers had excellent and enthusiastic performances when sharing about practical solutions to help women reach STEM in the near future because this is considered as leverage, tools to help businesses grow quickly and integrate in the international arena.

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