WLIN – BSIN SHINING SINGAPORE: The bridge brings Singapore and Vietnam closer

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The Woman Leaders and Business Style International Networking (WLIN & BSIN Global) officially operated in Singapore on May 30th, 2019.


               Members of WLIN & BSIN Shining Singapore at the launching ceremony 


In order to meet the growing demand of trade connections between Singapore and Vietnam, the Woman Leaders and Business Style International Networking (WLIN & BSIN Global) has officially operated in Singapore after a long time of preparation with the enthusiasm of WLIN Singapore President Bui Thu Ling, as well as active support from runner-up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong, founder and executive of WLIN & BSIN Global.

“WLIN & BSIN Global was created to connect female leaders and business men around the world to learn from each other, improve themselves, communicate, connect business and contribute to the community,” WLIN & BSIN Global president Nguyen Thu Huong delivered her speech at the launching ceremony.

“According to the latest interntional research, networking is an effective way of marketing with the lowest cost. When being member of WLIN & BSIN Global, you will have the opportunity to interact with others all around the world, as well as get the support of an effective marketing and communication network to help building your personal and corporate brand name.”


WLIN & BSIN Singapore President Bui Thu Ling (left) and WLIN & BSIN Global President Nguyen Thu Huong


Twenty years living in Singapore has helped President Bui Thu Ling to understand the difficulties that the Vietnamese community has been facing in Singapore. She has supported the expenses for children from Vietnam to Singapore for medical examination and treatment, provided counselling with Vietnamese people who were living in Singapore but did not understand the law. On the other hand, she advised visa procedures and documents for Vietnamese students without any fee.

But Ling would like to contribute more to the community, and the destiny has brought her to WLIN & BSIN Global to improve herself, connect business effectively and make her life “more beautiful – happier – more successful”

“I am very happy to meet, learn, interact with many beautiful, successful and happy female leaders and businesswomen all around the world working together in WLIN Global.”

“Singapore is a developed country, entrepreneurs have little time and opportunity to meet each other. I want to build an environment for them to develop themselves as well as business around the world through WLIN & BSIN Global,” Ms. Ling said.


     WLIN & BSIN Global President Nguyen Thu Huong guides how to develop WLIN Singapore


By choosing “Shining” name, Ling wishes every member of WLIN Singapore will shine together in all aspect of life.

“As long as WLIN & BSIN Singapore need, WLIN Global will provide support and guidance to WLIN & BSIN Singapore to “shine,” Mrs. Nguyen Thao, Managing director of WLIN & BSIN Global said.


                             Ms. Pham Thi Phuong Thuy, general director of IFG Vietnam


At the launching ceremony of WLIN & BSIN Shining Singapore, Ms. Pham Phuong Thuy, general director of IFG Việt Nam, representative of InnoPro Thailand has introduced the Human Genome Programme, which is operated in the iCareBase platform.

The Human Genome Programme is a global community program, founded by Professor and Doctor from Thailand – Kampon Sriwatanakul. It was launched for first time in Vietnam by iCareBase and Women Leaders International Networking (WLIN Global) to educate and raise the community’s awareness about cancer prevention and build a healthy and positive lifestyle.

The program is accompanied by experts of the “Doctors under the same sun” with the aim to apply advanced gene decoding technology. The technology is capable of screening and early detecting faulty genes and cells which are at high risk of getting cancer, and from that suggesting measures to achieve high prevention.


                                                        Members of WLIN Shining Singapore


Mr. Ray Sim, Managing Director of Singapore Online Training expressed his surprise and interest in how the organization works.

“I am really surprised and excited with the values brought by WLIN & BSIN Global. I have never thought that my appearance and social network, could help me improve my personal brand and more friends or customers like how WLIN & BSIN Global is doing,”

Mrs. Samann Loh, the Executive Director of Coleman College, came very early and didn’t want to leave even when the event ended: “This is a great way for us to come to Vietnamese market or attracting Vietnamese students to us.”

She expressed her wish to cooperate with WLIN & BSIN Shining Singapore in expanding the business of the school.

For Mrs. Nguyen Thi Minh Thao, partner of WLIN & BSIN Global, meeting with Mr. Cheong Yeong Chuan, a consultant of AIA financial services and insurance at the event, was a good connection because many of her patients are visiting Singapore for diseases treatment and they are needing a financial solution.

“After coming back to Viet Nam, I will introduce Mr. Cheong Yeong Chuan to my friends and customers,” Mrs. Thao said.


                               WLIN Singapore members show their determination to develop 


With young and talented businesswoman Duong Thi Kieu Diem, meeting with runner-up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong, who inspires masses with an infinite energy for community development has helped her immediately decide to become a member of WLIN Shining Singapore.

“I have heard about WLIN Global before but today I had chance to meet the WLIN Global president Nguyen Thu Huong and other members. That urged me to immediately join because there were so many things to learn,” Ms. Diem said.

Members and guests were very interested in participating in a Business Lunch standard of WLIN & BSIN Global as well as how to operate and develop WLIN & BSIN Shining under the guidance of the runner-up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong.

“I believe that WLIN & BSIN Shining Singapore will develop strongly, attracting more members, both Vietnamese and Singaporeans, to create a good environment for every body to meet others, learn and connect business effectively,” she said./.




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