Women Leaders Vietnam Forum 2019 – A place to honor businesswomen who have made great contribution to the development of the economy and society

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Women Leaders Vietnam Forum 2019 has officially come back. The honor night will take place on the evening of October 19th at The Adora Luxury, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City.



Women Leaders Vietnam Forum 2019 Opportunity for Vietnamese businesswomen to shine

“Women Leaders Vietnam Forum 2019 is an annual event organized by Women Leaders International Networking under the direction of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry VCCI with the Companion of Professional Image Academy and executed exclusively by Nam Huong Media & Event.





The forum had many successful seasons

During the past years, Women Leaders Vietnam Forum has made great impacts with business community in domestic and international area, confirming the vision and role of Vietnamese business leaders in the new era.



Some pictures in WLIN Global Forum on April, 2019

The program gathers many talented businesswomen in Vietnam and around the world to share business secrets, help each other develop and join hands for the advancement of women.

Businesswomen in Digital Age & Social Responsibilities– The main topic in the forum

Nowadays, phrases like “digital technology”, “industrial 4.0” or “digital age” are no stranger to anyone. The explosive development of the industrial revolution 4.0 associated with the digital age has crept into every area of life and society. In addition to business development in the digital age, women leaders must also be aware of the responsibilities to the community and society because a tree cannot live well without a good environment for life and business. Responsible living is a way to contribute to building a sustainable future for ourselves.


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“Businesswomen in Digital Age & Social Responsibilities” is the main topic will be discussed in the forum this year

For that reason, Women Leaders Vietnam Forum 2019 has chosen the topic “Businesswomen in Digital Age & Social Responsibilities” to discuss with women leaders from many countries around the world.



According to Runner up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong – Head organizing committee of Women Leaders Vietnam Forum 2019: “The industrial revolution 4.0 with the explosive development of the digital economy has contributed to the creation of positive changes. The world economy has entered a new phase – the digital age associated with the concept of “Industry 4.0”. The development of digital age gives women leaders a great opportunity when they can start a business with low cost. Women leaders must take the initiative and take advantage of this tend to grow their businesses because once the business has grown steadily, we will be able to devote more to the community and live more responsibly. Through the forum, I would like to open an objective view for everyone on the topic “Businesswomen in Digital Age and Social Responsibilities”.


Runner up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong – President of Women Leaders International Networking, Head of Organizing Committee

Top 50 Women Leader Vietnam Awards 2019

Within the framework of the forum, it is also an honor ceremony of Top 50 Women Leader Vietnam Awards 2019. This is an award for successful women business leaders of Women Leaders Vietnam from many different fields, representing many typical industries across the country.



The award contributes to create motivation, promote dedication, as well as timely recognize the efforts of women leaders in all areas of the Vietnamese economy, especially in the development of the community.



Criteria to vote for Top 50 Women Leader Vietnam Awards 2019 including:

  • – Be women business leader
  • – Contribute to social activities
  • – Build and preserve images conscious
  • – Make effort for the equality of women in the new age

Opportunities to connect borderless with over 500 women business leaders in Vietnam and in the world

Women Leaders Vietnam Forum 2019 attracts the participation of nearly 500 domestic and foreign leaders in the world such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, USA, Kenya, Cambodia …

This will be a great opportunity for leaders to learn, share experiences, connect with businesses effectively and energetically, to connect a global network of women leaders, tighten friendships, remove barriers between countries to look forward to the future of global economic cooperation and development through the digital age.

Currently, the Organizing Committee is in the process of receiving nomination documents for Top 50 Women Leader Vietnam Awards 2019.

Hotline: 0916 350 072 (Ms. Ngoc Huyen).

Website: https://thebestaseanbrands.com/ 

According to WLIN.vn

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