Ms. Shimizu Reiko – CEO of Grace Crea: “my business aims to support women”

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Used to set up a childcare and a businesswomen network in Japan, the similar to the Women Leaders International Networking (WLIN) in Viet Nam, Shimizu Reiko becomes vice president of WLIN’s Cross Culture Club to continue contributing for the community.

Ms. Shimizu Reiko is CEO of Grace Crea – the  beauty brand in Japan specializing in many kinds of cosmetics and functional foods that are reputable and good for health.


                                           Ms. Shimizu Reiko is CEO of Grace Crea


“Japanese society tends to be aging and lack of children and I decided to expand into the international market and chose Viet Nam because I felt the potential of Vietnam in the economic growth in the future,” she said.

She created the brand with the desire to support women in society today.

“We have received the support from many provinces in encouraging housewives to start up their own businesses to gradually disseminate the facts that mothers with young children can experience their self-management”


                                                              Ms. Shimizu Reiko


For her, to be successful, besides knowledge and skills, learning new things everyday is very important.

“No matter what do you do, if you start any business, you should focus and pay attention to be successful,” she added.

“Dream can not run away from you. If you nerver give up, your dream will become true,”

She has managed a group to take care children in Japan and she would like to contribute more.



                                 Ms. Shimizu Reiko at her sushi restaurant in HCM City.


Participating in Women Leader International Networking, Ms. Shimizu Reiko hopes to expand the business relationship, share the know-how and experience in the field of beauty with all the talented and beautiful members. Thereby, it helps each other in work as well as life.


     Ms. Shimizu Reiko was honoured as one of Top 50 Women Leaders International Award 2019.


“I would like to expand my business and my contribution to community along with WLIN through out the world,” she added./.











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