Businesswoman Nguyen Thi Lai – General Director of VINATOKEN Co., Ltd: “We must have a certain goal and do our best to achieve that goal”

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As a brave woman, with her talent, businesswoman Nguyen Thi Lai has overcome tough times and achieved a part of her life goals by successfully leading the VINATOKEN brand.


VINATOKEN was officially established in 2005, is one of the first non-woven fabric importers in Ho Chi Minh City. VINATOKEN provides the main raw material for wet wipes manufacturing industry, contributing to the growth of domestic production and expand exports to neighboring countries. The business model’s key of VINATOKEN is to provide input materials for production, and this material must be selected, checked strictly and followed 3 standards: Good for consumers’ health, good for the environment and good for the Vietnam High-Quality Goods brand. Therefore, VINATOKEN always proactively seeks and select partners which produce raw materials according to the “3 excellent standards”: does not follow immediately profits, but always aims to benefit the whole society.



With the slogan “VINATOKEN – Bridge leads to success”, VINATOKEN has achieved many important goals such as: The leading enterprise in developing non-woven fabric for production of wet towels, joining hands with Vietnam’s enterprises to increase production, contribute to economic growth and development to bring the country into the period of industrialization and modernization. VINATOKEN also actively invest in the international market: exports finished products produced domestically to new markets. VINATOKEN had been won the tittle of 2012 Quality Supplier of World Trade Alliance organization. With the vision and mission, in the future, Vinatoken would like to continue to become a favorite product in all regions and territories.



In order to achieve the remarkable success of VINATOKEN, we must mention the enthusiastic, honest and dedicated staff with the desire to bring useful values to contribute to the sustainable development of the society. Especially a part of the great and remarkable effort of one person who received the mission of leading the ship to steer the ship named VINATOKEN to overcome storms coming from the competition of other brands in the market, it is none other than the female leader Nguyen Thi Lai. The assertiveness and frankness of Ms. Nguyen Thi Lai is the key to helping VINATOKEN achieve success today.



WLIN Global congratulates the businesswoman Nguyen Thi Lai on becoming the next member to join the home of talented and beautiful female leaders. We wish you will always keep your enthusiasm to follow the goals you did set out.

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