Founder and Chairman KOIN Foundation, Ms. Devi Erna Rachmawati: “Community activities have helped me to grow”

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Ms. Devi Erna Rachmawati is founder and owner of many companies, but she has spent a lot of her time for community activities and network connection. She now plans to open the Women Leaders International Networking (WLIN) in Indonesia.

Ms. Devi Erna Rachmawati has Ph.D. Graduate of East Asian Economic and Business Study, Economic Faculty, Major in Risk and Finance Business Management Yamaguchi University, Japan.

She is very busy as founder of “LeuMart” (PT. LEU Ritel Indonesia); owner and finance director of PT. Kymmoshi Global Indonesia; owner and commissioner of PT. Kymmoshi Indonesia Makmur, PT. Techno Global Indonesia, PT D’Pom Global Indonesia, PT. Aliyad Tour and Travel, PT. Ritel Global Solusi; CEO of Toko Indonesia (KO-IN), Founder and CEO of KOIN-go (export import), Founder and CEO of PT. MTE Nusantara Sakti (KOPay).


         Ms. Devi Erna Rachmawati is known as a successful woman and devotes for community.


However, she is also the chairwoman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Japan Committee; founder and secretary general of Economic Institution, advisor of Indonesia-Japan Business Network, secretary of Cooperation between Institutions and Overseas “Indonesian Moeslim Merchant Networks”, chairwoman of the Association Concerning the Environment of Indonesia-Japan, chairwoman of Kymmoshi Indonesia Foundation and chairwoman of KOIN Foundation Indonesia.

“During the period of education, I was known as an active individual, who conducted many activities and social organizations, including a network of business in collaboration with a consortium of Japanese entrepreneurs to implement technology transfusion in the industry through the Kymmoshi Global Group, the Indonesia-Japan,” Devi Erna Rachmawati said.

On March 2018, as Business Support Director, she led PT. Kymmoshi Global Indonesia in bestowing Indonesian Improvement Award 2018, “The Best Quality Product of The Year 2018”.

On November 2018, as CEO, she helped PT. Ritel Global Solusi in bestowing Indonesian Achievement Best Performing Award 2018, “The Best Trusted Retail Company of The Year 2018”.

Early this month in Hà Nội, Devi Erna Rachmawati won the Top 50 Women Leaders International Award 2019 for what she had done for community.


           Ms. Devi Erna Rachmawati won the Top 50 Women Leaders International Award 2019


“I am very excited because I have business with vision and mission to create social effects through KO-IN (Toko Indonesia) in giving empowerment for small and medium enterprises, also for women,” she said.

“With WLIN, I can get a new network, which has spred to 20 nations around the world and we can develop women empowerment together,”

“I would like to develop WLIN in Indonesia in order to give more social effects for businesswomen, help them more beautiful, happier and more successes.”./.


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