The International Women Leaders Forum 2017 must be intriguing due to the attendane of Mrs Asia Globe 2014 – Isabelle Liow

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Ms. Isabelle Liow, a talented and gorgegous female entrepreneur, will be the one who takes the role of inspiration at The International Women Leaders Forum 2017.

Although Isabelle Liow was born and grew up in Malaysia, yet started up in China, a completely strange environmental business, she built up the great trust of Chinese partners, which opened many doors for her career when coming back Malaysia. At the present, she holds a lot of povital positions such as Secretary General of Beijing Beauty & Wisdom Association in Malaysia, Committee Member of Malaysia Chinese Women Entrepreneurs Association, Committee Director of Myanmar Commercial Development, proving a range of achievements in her life.

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In addition to the accomplishment in business, her considerable success in other fields is also impressive much. Timeless Elegant Queen o of Miss Malaysia Kebaya in 2012 marked the first award she got, followed by Mrs Malaysia Global Queen 2013 and Mrs Asia Globe 2014. Moreover, she won the medal for Excellent Service awarded by the Government of Melaka State due to her contributions to the society.

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Starting from the winner of Mrs Malaysia Global Queen 2013, Isabelle Liow has been an official member of this event operation group since 2014. As the new platform, she was listed in Asia Top Business Awards – Professional Beauty Pageant Organiser.

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As an honoured guest of this event, she said: “I am always looking forward to The International Women Leaders Forum every year. Be one of the founders of The International Women Leaders Network, I understand clearly that it is an occasion for business women to exchange, support each other and assert the position of female leaders towards the global economy. I hope to be able to inspire, kick in your knowleadge and guide you to adapt challenges and changes through this forum.”

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