Launching Women Startup Network – WSUN in Kenya with the first Workshop: “Valentine – Dinner for Singles”

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Workshop: Valentine – Dinner for Singles” will take place on Valentine’s Day at Marble Ack Hotel with the participation of many special guests.

Women Startup Network (WSUN) is founded by Runner – up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong (Helen Nguyen) – General Director of Nam Huong Group, President of Women Leaders International Network. It aims at helping women start-up in the beauty industry with low capital, advised by mentors who are successful experts in the fields of Beauty, media, finance, corporate governance …



WSUN is also a means to help investors, business people in the beauty field to develop business more effectively based on 4 factors: Personal Brand – Sales Networking Development, Application of Industry 4.0 in business training and administration. Women Startup is defined as a connective platform amongst prestigious brands and passionated startups in the beauty industry.

After Vietnam, Kenya is the second country to develop the Network’s franchise with the Café Workshop that will take place on Valentine’s Day. This will be a very special occasion for the “FA Association” on this special holiday. As we know, Valentine’s Day has long time been a holiday for lovers to express their affection with greetings and gifts. But not everyone enjoys this day in the same way because many of us are still single.


Ms. Joy Wanjiru – Managing Director of WSUN Kenya

Participating in the event, attendees will be able to listen to the sharing from the speakers including Mr. Samuel Murage – CEO DTI Group; Miss Sarah Munyi – Life Coach, Corporate Trainer; Mrs. Rabeca Wamwene – Talk Power Therapy.



Let’s come and enjoy with WSUN Kenya.

Time: 18:00-21:00 15th February, 2020

Hotline: 0735 552794

💵Fee: 15$/person

🏢Venue: Marble Ack Hotel

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