Ms. Sophia Lee – CEO of S.H. Global: “WLIN Global: where everyone gets opportunities, shares opportunities and love together”

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Born in Seoul, Korea, majored in health and dental hygiene at university, Ms. Sophia Lee held medical marketing in China for 10 years, and came to HCM City in 2017. She is CEO of S.H. Global (Sophia high quality product company), which has just started early this month.


                      CEO of S.H. Global (Sophia high quality product company), Ms Sophia Lee.


S.H Global introduces and retails high quality products, which are popular in the world, in Viet Nam. They include the Korea’s top female sanitary pad, the American air purifier, and the Japanese suitcase.

“We will give back a certain portion of our income to society. Now in Korea, we are delivering sanitary pads to people in need who cannot buy them through a donation project. We will donate to the poor people who cannot afford a clean and healthy sanitary pad in Viet Nam,” Ms. Sophia Lee shares about what she wants to contribute for the community.

As a vice-president of the Women Leaders International Networking (WLIN) 3C, Ms. Sophia Lee would like to introduce many Korean women who have excellent leadership ability with those are living a good life here with happiness.

                                          “Never give up forever” is her motto for life


“The role of women leaders is very important worldwide. We can share each other’s roles better than men and lead to strength with softness, and we must further develop equality through our efforts,” she said.

“Never give up forever” is her motto for life and she is keen on to learn new things every day and consider they are her biggest asset.

“I have always been interested in foreign languages and kind manners. I hope that all women will always learn themselves, stay healthy and become attractive and confident. They can make themselves tomorrow happier than today.”

Ms. Sophia Lee confirms: “WLIN Global can bring the world together with many special things that only women have.”

As one of 50 women who were honored in the Top 50 Women Leaders International Award 2019, she highly appreciated role of the Women Leaders International Networking (WLIN Global): “It’s a powerful community that has been successful in many countries, where everyone gets the opportunity, shares the opportunity, and shares the love together.”

“I think WLIN Global can bring the world together with many special things that only women have,”

Ms. Sophia Lee was impressed with the WLIN Global Forum 2019, organised in Ha Noi early this month.

“Healthy lives and disease prevention are important things for all of us. We always know that many diseases are occurring with the development of the world.

Women should take the lead in learning how to acquire knowledge and provide information for everyone in each country how to prevent and treat diseases.”


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