Revealing Kenyan singer will perform at WLIN Global Forum 2019

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Silayio – Kenyan Musician and Recording Artist will perform in the WLIN Global Forum 2019 will take place from April 4-7th, 2019 in Hanoi – Da Nang – Quang Nam Vietnam


Silayio – Recording artist and musician in Kenya

Silayio is a recording artist and a musician in Kenya. She owes provenance from the Maasai community, among the 42 ethnic groups in Kenya. The Maasai have long being known for their agile warriors, herds of cattle and more so, their beautiful ornaments and jewellery. Silayio, mimics the Maasai warrior-like tapestry, and with her grace and beauty, she has betrothed her vocal legacy to passing the message, ‘Be Kind – Be Open – Be Brave’, her mantra and outlook of life.



Silayio majored in Media studies in her collage. After studies, she has been touring for the past ten years. Her dedication has been recording and travelling the world to do music. She started recording music at the age of 18, her defining moment was her first performance, while still in high school and this gave her such a rush after her audience appreciated her talent with kind words and asked her to nurture it, and take over the music charts.



Breaking international television in ‘The Voice’, Holland edition in 2018, where she gracefully placed 7th position out of 110 contestants cements Silayio’s career as a force to be reckoned with. She delivered renditions of popular music, in her own way that was bluntly ecstatic. At the young age of 18 years old, she was the nominated for the American Gospel Music Awards 2003. She won the deeply coveted Kora Award for Best Female Artist in East Africa in 2005, when she was 20 years old. She has successfully run 8 world tours (USA, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, South Africa, Canada, Belgium, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Uganda). At every performance that Silayio graces, the best thing her audience leaves her artistic space with, is a good-feeling, about themselves, that in a way, affirms their worth, their life, somehow loved and belong. This is the meaning of art, music and her career.


Silayio has achieved many awards in her career


As the first Kenyan singer, to participate in a professional event with the attendance of over a 1000 entrepreneurs from all over the world. Silayio will perform her songs that have captured her audiences throughout the years. Sharing about this special event Silayio said: “WLIN Global Forum is a wonderful & special event where women leaders gather to connect businesses, share experience and enjoy the lifestyle in Vietnam. This is an event to be expected. I am really excited about this performance”


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