WLIN Global Forum 2019- Marked the 5 Year Journey of Creating and Connecting Businesses Successfully for the Women Leaders’ Network

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Over 400 entrepreneurs and women leaders from 13 countries around the world gathered at the WLIN Global Forum 2019 – This event is held annually by the Women Leaders International Networking – WLIN took place in Hanoi on April 4th, 2019.






WLIN’s member joined in the event

WLIN Global Forum is an annual event organized by Women Leaders International Networking – WLIN Global under the direction of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry – (VCCI), a companion of Pro Image Global Academy and executed by Nam Huong Media & Event. During the past 5 years, WLIN Global Forum has impacted positive effects in the domestic and international business community, affirming the vision of women in the new era – Women have can rise and assert themselves in the roles of a leader.





In this new season, WLIN Global continues to expand globally with the participation of representatives from 13 countries including: Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, USA, Kenya and Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Bosnia, Philippines, Czech Republic.



Event attracted the participation of representatives from 13 countries

The event was also honored to welcome the attendance of distinguished guests including Princess of Philippines Merriam Kiram, Excellency Aurora Aquino – Economic Council UN, Dr. Vu Tien Loc – Chairman of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) is also the command unit of the program, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Nguyen Trong Thua and representatives of WLIN Global from many countries around the world.




At the beginning of the program,  Dr. Vu Tien Loc – Chairman of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), shared his gratitude about the reasons for accompanying with WLIN Global Forum over the past 5 years, besides, the Princess of Philippine Merriam Kiram also expressed her admiration and congratulated the success that was beyond the expectation of WLIN Global in the past year with the launch of a series of clubs from all over the world.


Dr. Vu Tien Loc – Chairman of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)


  1. Princess of Philippine Merriam Kiram

On the other hand, having a speech at the event, Runner-up Mrs World, Nguyen Thu Huong – President of WLIN Global also emphasized the mission and strategic vision of WLIN Global in the next years is to focus on Caring and Improving Health issues for members towards the goal of building a strong network for women leaders to be “More beautiful – More successful – Healthier – Happier “. On this occasion, President of WLIN Global – Mrs. Nguyen Thu Huong has officially announced that WLIN Global will join hands with iCareBase in accompanying the global health care project named “Human Genome Program” aims to bring new knowledge to contribute to raising public awareness about preventive medicine, health care, as well as measures to detect and timely treat cancer. “Women join hands to change the world by maintaining health for themselves and their families.” – Mrs. Nguyen Thu Huong said.


Runner up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong – President of WLIN Global, head of organizing comittee

“Human Genome Program” is considered as a campaign with high humanistic meaning towards all strata, especially women because with the pressure in the present life, women today are still suffering from dangerous diseases, in which cancer is more prominent. And most of all, women are the ones who care about the health of family not forgetting the larger community. Among them, 5 most common types of cancer in women are breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer and stomach cancer.


Dr Jirached Suksuperm, iCaseBase’s representative with Human Genome Program shared about the risks as well as how to prevent cancer

In the framework of the program, professional speakers came from iCaseBase and the WLIN representatives from countries provided the necessary information in cancer prevention and shared “unforgettable experiences” of themselves as victims of this disease. “I felt bewildered and anxious to discover that I had breast cancer in 2013. After a period of persistent treatment, my health was stable. I want to send an important message to the forum today: “Everyone can get cancer and if we discover that we are at risk of cancer early, we will be able to overcome the disease” Mrs. Isabelle Liow JPK – President of WLIN Malaysia said.


Talkshow: How women leaders have changed the world?

Along with the agreements between WLIN Global and iCaseBase, representatives of WLIN in countries will also become ambassadors to deliver positive messages to the community to help change and raise awareness of community about health care and cancer prevention. WLIN Global will be the organization to celebrate communication activities and events. At the same time, iCareBase will accompany with WLIN Global based on the following principles: Advising on health-related knowledge; organizing seminars related to topics on health care and cancer prevention; sponsoring free communication for the community to help the community raise awareness; providing professional activities in areas such as genetic testing, general examination counseling, lifestyle counseling that contribute to changing the lifestyle of the community to make the community healthier.



One of the highlight of the 2019 WLIN Global Forum is the honor ceremony of the Top 50 Women Leaders International Awards 2019. The global outstanding women are honored in the Top 50 Women Leaders International Awards 2019 are innovative leaders about connecting, working without borders to bring the image of women to a new level. They are also the typical women leaders in 2018 – 2019 with a positive contribution in the process of affirming the image and position of women leaders in the new era.









50 outstanding women leaders were honored

Along with the recognition of Top 50 Women Leaders International Awards 2019, 20 excellent brands from the WLIN Global Network are voted for The Best Brands In Global Award 2019. This prize meets the criteria of Safety – Quality – Authenticity. These are the factors that make the product stand out firmly in the market, create trust between customers and show the spirit of truthful entrepreneurs. At the same time, winning brands will also preserve their brand in the long term. In particular, there must be international criteria, which is the desire to spread internationally.



20 brands were voted as  “The Best Brands In Global Award 2019”

Thus, WLIN Global Forum 2019 officially came to a successful end. The guests who attended the program had a great opportunity to interact and learn from each other. In particular, efficacious entrepreneurs from all over the world can experience the serenity of Vietnam in combination with a relaxing travel, enjoying scenes, and appreciate the “very Vietnamese” lifestyle.




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