Yathaarth M, 13 – year – old Indian Boy Sings National Anthems of 260 Countries, performed at WLIN Global Forum 2019 in Vietnam

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Within the framework of WLIN Global Forum program, the “music prodigy” from India – Yathaarth M had such a wonderful performance with the song titled Count On Me


Music prodigy from India – Yathaarth M & Runner – up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong – President of WLIN Global

Yathaarth M is a 13 years old boy from India who studies in Vidyashilp Academy, Bangalore. Yathaarth M is known popular over the world as a talent who can sing National Anthems of 260 Countries with over 100 languages including Vietnamese.


Yathaarth M can sing National Anthems of 260 Countries

Many people put a big question:  “How can he do it?”. Having explained about this reason, Yathaarth M said “I first started learning them in June 2014, when my music teacher taught me the anthems of four countries, including Japan and Sri Lanka. While I really enjoyed learning them, I also liked finding out new things about the countries they originated from,” he said. Of the 260 anthems, a majority are of UN-recognised nations while the rest are of autonomous regions like Hong Kong (China) and overseas territories such as French Guyana (France)”



During his career, Yathaarth M has entered the Limca Book of Records and is working towards Guinness World Record – for “individual singing the most number of National Anthems”. He can sing 260 Countries National Anthems by memory, which he has learnt in the span of 3.5 years. He started learning when he was 9 years old.



At the present, Yathaarth M is on board of an NGO, WAP – World Awareness Program which works towards the education and health of underprivileged children. He has interned with an NGO called SACHH, which is working on UN sustainable goals and other social obligations one has towards the society.



With his talent, he wants to now focus on working towards the UN Sustainable Goals – Climate Action and Clean Water & Sanitation in the 260 countries. He wants to be an Ambassador for these causes and help making this world a better place. With the help such platforms like WLIN etc he wants to inspire his peers to do their bit and make this planet a better place for all.of us to live. He says if all of us work together we can avoid the “the next world war, will be over water” as quoted by Ismail Serageldin



On April 4th 2019, Yathaarth M and his mother – Mrs. Shilpa Spoorthy – A famous and reputable architect in India, came to Vietnam after receiving the invitation from Runner – up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong – President of WLIN Global. At the WLIN Global Forum program, he made the atmostphere become more exciting with the song Count On Me. Many delegates who participated in the program enjoyed the song and recognized his talent.


Yathaarth M and his mother – Mrs. Shilpa Spoorthy – A famous and reputable architect in India

WLIN Global Forum is an annual event organized by Women Leaders International Networking – WLIN Global under the direction of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry – (VCCI), a companion of Pro Image Global Academy and executed by Nam Huong Media & Event. During the past 5 years, WLIN Global Forum has impacted positive effects in the domestic and international business community, affirming the vision of women in the new era – Women have can rise and assert themselves in the roles of a leader. The event attracted the participation of more than 400 entrepreneurs and women leaders from 13 countries around the world




Some interesting activities in WLIN Global Forum 2019

In addition, sharing with us about his future plan, he said: “I aspire to become an “anthem-ologist so I want to study different anthems and understand them more, as well as draft new ones. Moreover, I want to sing national anthems at sporting events worldwide”. To actualize his dream, he has a plan to learn and practice them for an hour every day. Besides gathering information about lesser known countries



Yathaarth M had an amazing performance in WLIN Global Forum 2019

With the spirit of a young person with enthusiasm and clear orientation, it is believed that Yathaarth M will achieve much more success in the future with a large number of fans in the world.

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