Ms. Ayla Dewi A. Aldjufrie – Founder of Ayla and Associate, won in “Asean’s Top Leader Awards 2018”

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Talent, beauty and creation are the elements that helped Ms. Ayla Dewi A. Aldjufrie to win the Asean’s Top Leader Awards 2018 in the framework of the BSIN & WLIN Business Festival.



Ms. Ayla Dewi A. Aldjufrie is the founder of Ayla and Associate, a real estate consultancy company in Indonesia. In addition, she is the one who brought this real estate consultancy to become one of the most prestigious real estate consultancy companies in Indonesia. In the past 10 years, she has also established  Nayla Investment and AK Land – investment and real estate company with the headquarters located in Singapore and the UK.



In addition to a successful businesswoman, Ayla Dewi A. Aldjufrie contributes to the development of women’s community because she believes that in today’s society women need to be equal. They can handle big projects even they can do better than men.



She is proud to be present at the show along with great leaders from all over the world. Being one of women leader who was nominated in “Asean’s Top Leader Awards 2018”, she shared: “This is an opportunity and also a new challenge for me because all of us need to join hands in building a strong women community”


Ms. Ayla Dewi A. Aldjufrie received “Asean’s Top Leader Awards 2018” on stage

Ms. Ayla Dewi A. Aldjufrie is also the winner of “BSIN & WLIN Got Talents” Competition

It is hoped that the award will be the premise for talented leader – Ms. Ayla Dewi A. Aldjufrie to continue contributing and spreading human values to the women’s community. I wish all the upcoming projects of Ms. Ayla Dewi A. Aldjufrie will get a great success.

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Written by Họa Mi

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