Runner-up Mrs. World Nguyen Thu Huong: “The Power of Asean’s Women 2018 – 2019 emphasizes the beauty of knowledge and the compassion of women leaders in the new age”

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After three successful seasons, The Power of Women has officially launched and found candidates across the country. Before starting a new season with many significant activities, Runner – up Mrs. World Nguyen Thu Huong – General Director of Nam Huong Corp, the chief organizer of the program spent time sharing with about the criteria and meaning that the Power of Women has brought to the candidates



Re: Dear Mrs. Thu Huong, can you share the message that you want to bring through The Power of Asean’s Women 2018 – 2019?

The Power of Asean’s Women is a very special program for women leaders who want to help others overcome their limits to confidently shine and create the positive impacts for society. Today’s women with the development of the Women Leader International Network have learned to be more beautiful, more successful and happier. But at each stage, I think they need to conquer the new peaks.


Mrs. Thu Huong takes the role as a MC in the final night of The Power of Women 2016


As a social worker, we recognize that if a leader knows how to build himself/herself, knows how to express professionally in public, the brand value & the development of their business will be greatly facilitated. Therefore, WLIN Global decided to continue organizing The Power of Asean’s Women with the theme “The journey for future generations” to help women, business leaders as well as mothers will be confident to shine.



Re: The program hosted by WLIN Global spends for members of the WLIN. So, can other people get involved in the program if they are not a member of WLIN?

The Power of Asean’s Women is not just for members of WLIN. If you are not a WLIN member, you can still register to attend and learn the good values from the Women Leaders. After the program you can completely become a member of WLIN because a lot of value that WLIN has been bringing to their members.



Re: What are the differences between the criteria in this year and 3 seasons ago? Why do you decide to expand to ASEAN instead of just celebrate for the women leaders of Vietnam?

The criteria  in this years focuses on the beauty of form, intellect, soul and influence on community activities. We hope that each candidate of the Powers of Asean’s Women will be a nucleus of the movement that can become a positive contributing factor to the advancement of women. Each person who joins the program will learn valuable lessons and will continue building up the movement in the place where they live, conveying the values that Women Leaders brings to the Power of Asean’s Women. We will also have many categories of awards for Vietnamese groups, for different ages and industries to create a playground and motivation for candidates.


Talkshow with experts


Being a specialist in consulting brand & personal branding, I am very interested in how to get the candidates and their brands to become more reputable & get more good value. It’s not just a glittering award, but what The Power of Asean’s Women wants to tend to candidates.


Re:Currently, The Power of Asean’s Women has officially launched, what are your point of view about the candidates in this fourth season?


This year, the Power of Asean’s Women has the advantage of being supported by a wide range of WLIN partners. The award system has also been supported by the members with great value up to 100.000USD  and a pearl crown worth 15.000USD was funded by Hoang Gia Pearl. With this award system in terms of tangible and intangible, this is an incentive for the candidates to create them both as an eagerness and a challenge.


The Crown for the winner sponsored by Hoang Gia Pearl


Candidates in Asean region are eager to come to Vietnam for exchanging with Women Leaders Vietnam because Women Leader Vietnam has had a good reputation among local and international friends especially in Asean region. It’s believed that this will be an opportunity to connect all candidates not only in Vietnam but also in the Asean area. Through these activities we will learn from international friends.



I assess the candidates from the Clubs in this year are the very talented, beautiful, temperamental women leaders. They bring the mind that is going to overcome their weakness. I often tell candidates to participate in The Power of Asean’s Women, not to pay attention to the award, but to consider what they are connected and what they’ve learned through such programs as The Power of Asean’s Women because it is based on the principles of buiding personal branding,  training soft skills that candidates are not easy to get in other programs.

Re: Nowadays, there are many beauty contests for businesswomen which are taking place not only in Vietnam but also in many countries around the world, but are you afraid that The Power of Asean’s Women will be considered as a beauty contest like others?

I have always emphasized that The Power of Asean’s Women is not a beauty contest. It is a vote of beauty, knowledge, humanity and women leaders who are capable of influencing the community and I believe that The Power of Asean’s Women has gone through four seasons and it has made the differences in compared with other beauty contests. The Power of Asean’s Women will create other human values ​​for candidates because we deepen to train for the candidates on the foundation of the personal branding, the courses that they can improve themselves. We want the candidates of The Power of Asean’s Women  to become ambassadors for positive influences on the community, to help women become more confident and understand their values. They will have a week to connect business, learn new things and build their reputation, network with friends, members in the country and abroad. I personally think it is worth more than with the crown or prize value. Prizes or crowns are just the motivation to increase the taste for the program.


Ms. Nguyen Thu Huong gives awards for the winner of The Power of Women 2016 – Ms. Kim Xuyen


All participants in the program have had a common perception that they have grown up a lot from the experience that The Power of Asean’s Women  has brought. Therefore, although there are many beauty contests outside, The Power of Asean’s Women  still has its own position.



Re: It is known that The Power of Asean’s Women  is one of the outstanding activities of WLIN Global. By the way, can you share with readers about the direction and strategy of WLIN Global from now until the end of 2020?

WLIN Global has its own set of development strategies that focus on training and develop Partner system because at one stage no one can handle such a large workload. Therefore, only Partners – Enthusiasts with community activities will be able to split up to support community activities. And as we have pointed out, by 2020, we expect to have around 100 Global Partners, developing 300 strong clubs with 30,000 members interacting with each other.



We will have a plan to develop an online system to help members stay connected, training programs continue to be maintained so that members can operate their clubs in the best way; organize business tour activities to other countries to increase opportunities for business linkages between countries;  support foreign trade investment promotion activities in Vietnam to create more investment opportunities in Vietnam.



And I think one of the activities I will continue to develop and accompany for the next few years is to build the next generation. And the successor generations here are the children of the members in the network, who have been with WLIN for a long time and created a lot of values. We want our next generation at the age of 18 to be able to participate in the activities of the Women Leader to learn how to lead community activities because I believe that when they are approached early, the opportunity to shape the brand strategy, shape their career and have a long-term contribution to society. Since then, their lives will be “More beautiful – More successful – Happier”

Thanks Runner-up Mrs. World Nguyen Thu Huong – President of WLIN Global. We hope that WLIN’s activities in general and The Power of Asean Women 2018 – 2019 will be a great success!


The final rounds with the main activities including:

13/1/2019: Welcome Dinner & Exchange with the Sponsors

14/1/2019: Business Lunch with the theme “The secret to have a shining smile”

15/1/2019: Conversation round with members of Appraisal Board and The Best Dining Tour with the theme “Communication Art at the party”

16/1/2019: Talent round & Business Lunch with the theme: “The secret to make the shining brand”

17/1/2019: The final round of “The Power of Asean’s Women 2019” at The Adora Luxury Center, HCMC.

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